Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coke of the 70s

A piece of history is making a return.

Years ago when we were kids, the only 'branded' drink I can remember is the Kickapoo. There was no Pepsi, no coke, no 100 Plus - or at least I can't remember those brands in the early 70s when I was growing up in Lenggong.

Of course then, we can drink water directly from the tap and I believe it is as good as the Perrier!

Living in such small town and during such simplistic time however have its rewards. I remember buying soda drinks for 20 cents or less during those day - may be for even 10 cents. I don't remember no more.

So I was surprised today when I saw a stack of drinks in the mobile stall of my favorite pau seller. I thought he was selling kicap, but upon enquiry, I was told that it is air loncat. I had no idea what's air loncat, but I was told it was basically homemade soda.

These are exact replica in term of physical bottles and taste of the drink we used to buy at Kedai Pak Lah, at the edge of Lenggong in the early 70s. I don't know that anyone still make them. To be honest, I don't know that anyone would still buy them.

The ice-cream soda is excellent!

Except yours truly of course, for old time sake!


  1. Rahman,
    Over here we call it oren Kelantan and came in several flavours namely Orange, ice cream soda, sarsaparila (I like this favour very much). They are still around since some people like this flavours compared to the newer brands and flavours.
    I had my first taste of Coca Cola in its original coke bottle way back in 1961 when I went to see the Ten Commandment at the local cinema. I just wanted to try it after seeing people enjoying it. Didn't like the taste then due to the gas that made me burp too much after that. It costs something like 30 sen then. They pay you back some money if you return the bottle.
    Thanks for bringing back something from your past that has a similarity with my own.

  2. Dear Bro Zawi, thanks for the update on this local soda albeit in a different name, at a very different location. So Coke had been around long enough I guess, but I dont remember them much except Kickapoo. I didnt know the Ten Commandment was shown here too. You know, reminiscing is about remembering yesterday's prices, but not yesterday's pay! ;-) Thanks for the info.