Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mee Rebus Tulang Sum Sum Town

To me, Taiping would always be the mee rebus capital of Malaysia.

For this is where one would find the best mee rebus in Malaysia and I have blogged it a couple of times (Mee rebus, anyone? and A Blast from the Past - Taiping Station). When I was first posted to Terengganu, I had a craving for mee rebus and all I got in the land of kepok leko was a watery mee sup.

Until I found Mee Rebus Mail Penang at Melawati, that is. This is one mee rebus my late uncle Pak Long and I would drive to from our homes in Ampang on a Saturday afternoon for our meals. As a rule of thumb, I am not a food lover and I would never not drive more than 1 km to fill in my stomach, except Mail Mee Rebus.

But I was introduced to mee rebus tulang sum sum when I was living in Johor Bahru in 1994, and I thought highly of it too. Though I have forgotten about it as I seldom would be in JB as I have no reason to do so.

But early this month, I was back in town and I would not want to miss this opportunity and sample my favourite dish again.
Here is a sample of the grand mee rebus tulang sum sum that we had last month when we were in JB for an engagement party for my cousin.

It would rival mail mee rebus for sure; I would give it a slight edge as it comes with the tulang sum sum, complete with a straw for you to suck the succulent sum sum. Can you see the straw sticking straight up in the middle of the noodles?

Whoa hoa! Beware, all those with high blood pressure. Make sure you have taken your medicine if want to live long enough to tell your family of how delicious these mee rebus was.

But where would you find similar offering in the Klang Valley?

But life isn't always about food. Men, they said, don't live on food alone. So I went back to my normal self driving down memory lane in JB, not just for me, but for Akmal and Mak.

We went roaming JB that Sunday, and while showing Akmal where they used to live when they were little, we came across this unique school building. It looks odd and at first sight I thought it was an army barrack, but it is a school. A beautiful one at that.

SK(P) Bandar Tinggi.

Let's pray that someone would not read this blog and suddenly had a thought of demolishing it and then commercializing this area too.

God forbids!
This is Mak's school in Johor Bahru - the famous SIGS; Sultan Ibrahim Girls' School. It is not far from my Jalan Petri apartment where I used to call home. I like the architecture too of this old building.

I think this could be late 40s and early 50s for her.
This is where I used to wait for my bus to JB Bus Station for my daily commute to Singapore.
And of course the apartment itself. From this apartment, we could see Dataran Bandaraya, the first picture in this entry above. It is beautiful at night.

I always love this Jalan Petri and the nearby Jalan Mahmoodiah. It is always green, and shady. What I love the most is the old colonial bungalow dotting these streets. So peaceful and tranquil.

LIke this old cemetery - Jalan Mahmoodiah Cemetery.
One of the better kept muslim cemetery in Malaysia, I would think.
I did enjoy my stay in JB. I may dislike going to town on a Saturday when the town is filled with Singaporeans as it would be congested. But beyond that I like the greenery of JB, and the old colonial buildings.

There is nothing to shout about in downtown but the surrounding is better than whatever I can enjoy in KL.


  1. leh bagi lokasi tepat di mana kedai mee rebus tulang tu? TQ

  2. Noriz, you dari jalan mahmoodiah, you masuk ke Jalan Mariamah. Dia belah kanan di jalan mariamah. saya dah lupa nama restaurant, tp dia byk tempat makan open air (wakaf). You cant miss it on your right.

  3. Assalamualaikum, terserempak blog ini masa nak search images for my school picture. bandar tinggi is my primary school, how i miss that school and sigs is my form 6's school. JB ni penuh bangunan yang nostalgic, i do hope xd orang robohkan any of this building and preserved it well.