Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alamak! Dua malam tak dapat ni..

Tengok bola la. What were you expecting? ;-)

I think I am having withdrawal symptom. After four straight nights of staying up late and waking up very early, and after purposely depriving myself of much needed forty winks, I am left wondering today of what I am going to do tonight and tomorrow night when WC soccer takes a break before the quarter finals.

And even when there was no telecast by RTM - mine is perhaps the only house in Kuala Lumpur without Astro (apala RTM, heboh je live telecast, tengok2 tak cukup 64 game - tension tengok RTM1 kosong je), I decided to drive myself a couple of kilometers out of my housing area to the nearest mamak joint which would have live telecast at the wee hours of the morning. I had never been out that late in the last 8 years and that was how long it had been since I had to do my duty for Rukun Tetangga.

But tonight, I would need to sleep early, but I wonder if I would be able to pass through 2.30 am without waking up. It had been automatic for the last four nights.

Would I survive till Friday?

Would I survive when the tournament ends on the 11th July? By then I think Wimbledon would be done with and I think I would not have the chance to be watching Sharapova. Then again, I can't be watching anything that is not on terrestrial TV.

I think FIFA should hold the WC every year, and RTM make sure you bid for it.


  1. Abg. Man, nasib baik saya bukan kaki bola hehehe...kaki kayuh la, tapi kalau takdapat kayuh..memang tension!!!

  2. Hehe, yeah, something like that lah.