Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anybody but the Germans

I thought it would be 1986 all over again in 2010, but it was not meant to be.

And I thought that, like in 2006, the Argies did very well. They were a pleasure to watch - adventurous with individual skills to boot. I remember in 2006, the Argies had put something like 50 odd passes before they scored a goal - against whom I don't remember anymore. But they were untouchable by the opposing team.

But like then, they met with a credible opposition and they failed. This time miserably.

The night before, I was rooting for the Brazilians. Like the Argies, I thought I had enjoyed their game. It was entertaining. But the game against Holland was a game of two halves, and as recorded in history - well, it was heartache again for me.

So for me this time around, with no more team to support, I am only hoping that it will be:

Anybody but the Germans.

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