Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bafana Bafana

I have been looking for ideas to write but I guess with so many things happening, I can't seems to be able to sit down and put words into paper.

So I thought the easiest is to upload some pics, but in the end, even that became a chore for me. Can't seems to find interesting pics to make a good story line.

Anyway, here are two pics of the boys.
Akmal is normally a busy boy as he needs to practice his guitar for a Saturday lesson/recital, and Wednesday night piano lesson while juggling time for his lessons in Add Math, Physics and Chemistry with his dad on other nights. He had just completed his Grade 6 ABRSM Guitar (Practical) exam at Istana Hotel.

This was taken while he was quietly practicing at home, when I snapped a pic of him. It was as close to candid as I can get.
While pix of Arif was taken in Taiping at Jalan Kota while waiting for his pizza to be ready. We don't normally have the camera handy all the time, but we had just arrived in Taiping a few mins earlier and hence the cam was ready.


As I understand it, Bafana Bafana is not owned by the South African people, but a company, so SAFA would have to pay to use that phrase to describe their national team. Apparently the company has made US$10 M during the world cup already.

I hope I won't get sued. ;-)

Anyway, in Malaysia, we use a phrase to describe our national team which is similar to bafana bafana. Something to rival the South Africans,

It's Budak Budak (and both starts with a B and it's dual words, just like the Bafana Bafana) or Budak Sekolah.

With million of apologies to our schoolchildren.

Please, don't you dare copy-right the term. But shall we now dare to dream beating France?

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