Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bapak, Ini Tanah Kita


We have sold the only piece of land that you bought for us. I remember in many of the letters that you wrote to me (yes, typically in an aerogram), when I was still studying at Monash; you were saying how that piece of land was fit for an accountant or an engineer; that it was not for you. I know you wish that one day we would build a house there.

That was your dream.

But we didn't fulfill that dream of yours. We just could not. Not when many of us have instead made KL our home. The house that you built - the only house that you ever bought; the house that you only managed to stay in for only a week before you were called to meet with Him, it is still there, and will continue to house the family.

But Bapak, your sweat and tears that went into buying that piece of land would not go to waste. I have made it my mission to have it replaced on the very day the land was sold. Now my task is completed, so to speak. I have replaced that piece of land with another. This is your land; this is your legacy. The crystal-clear stream that passed by, the cooling and fresh air, and the mist surrounding the hills; these are yours. You may not be able to physically enjoy you, but I know your sons and daughters, and grandsons and grand-daughters and Mak would one day enjoy it.

A wooden kampung house, with veranda to enjoy the view of a piece of land that was built by our own sweat and tears - I know you would enjoy that. I know you love wooden house - I will try to make that a reality. I hope I would live long enough to make this dream comes true.

And all the fruits that we would enjoy on the veranda.

Bapak, this one is for you; and I do hope Mak would be able to enjoy them.

Bapak, Ini Tanah Kita. This would be our Greenfields.

Bapak (Sudirman)

Bapak lihat ladang kita
terbentang luas subur dan menghijau
tanah yang merdeka

Bapak, ini rumah kita
pusaka peninggalan untuk melindung keluarga yang merdeka

Bapak, yang hendak ku kata
Pengorbanan mu memberikan kami kelahiran yang merdeka

Terima kasihku


  1. Congrats

    wonder where it is? and your next plan? perhaps building a retreat home for hariri's?

    will follow your suit..soon

  2. Thank.

    No big plan at the moment. Only to clear the land and plant (fruit)trees etc.