Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is our heritage 2

Call me incurable romantics if you must, but I just love the lifestyles of the years gone by, definitely all these wooden house.

I can imagine all those families living there, in these palatial homes; sipping tea (teh tarik if you must!) on the balcony or the foyers; the kids enjoying the spacious compound.

If I were a rich man, I would purchase these house, no matter how dilapidated they are. I would bring them back to their former glory. I would not mind retiring in one of these mansions!

Mind, you all these houses, or palace can be found in BUkit Chandan KUala Kangsar, a place I used to call home, even if it was just a long distance home since I was either in KOta Bharu or Melbourne then.

This one needs no introduction. Was built with a single nail, I was told. Was the Sultan of Perak's palace before the Iskandariah was built. Now it is a royal museum.

LOvely carving

I would not mind having this type of roof for my house.

The house below is in a very sorry state, situated just next to the Ubudiah MOsque.

HOw much do you think the owner would want for this house? I am sure the land is more valuable, but if he would just sell the house, lock stock and barrel, I would take it for the right price of course.

Assuming I could afford it in the first place.

I love the roof. Hang on, is that a face there staring at us or what?

Another view of the house

It look airy for me.

Aah, I would buy this one too. A lovely piece of real estate . There is still a family living in this one. Look at the very green grass here. Kuala Kangsar (and Taiping) is blessed with lotsa rains and good soil.

Sipping teh tarik on the verandah, can you not see me there? ;-)

This one is not really a house, but I love the wood carving just the same.

If only....

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