Friday, November 28, 2008

Of SPM, Haj and Old Friends

The D days are over and it is now supposed to be the H days.
But only in my dreams, I guess.

Much as I would like to take the H days, my time is very limited as it is the B days nowadays at the office.

Anyway, in many ways, I am relieved that the SPM exams are over. Now, I guess, is reflection time for Arif. He needs to quickly decide what he would want to do for the rest of his life in the next couple of months. I am of course hoping that he would stick to his dream of taking up flying. Like all fathers, I would do everything that I could to make it come true.

I would, as it was my dream to be a pilot when I was in primary school.

But these eyes of mine would not allow it .

I guess he would be joining me at work to give him an idea of working life. It would do him a world of good.


I have been a hermit the past 3 weeks, not meeting anyone or traveling and totally ignoring invites. Unless of course if the invites were for Kenduri doa selamat for the haj. That I would attend to 'ambik berkat' I guess. So when Zul, a former classmate of mine, invited me for his doa selamat, I could not say no, though I told him that I would be late.

I also found out that he is now much in building conservation, and hence he is frequenting Taiping to observe buildings. "What a coincident!" I told him. "I spend a good day last Raya holiday snapping pictures of old kayu houses and istanas in Kuala Kangsar and I really think we need to take care of our heritage."

I can't wait for him to return for Haj to be talking about building conservation.


I can imagine meeting Kodeq at Zul's doa selamat. Afterall, the 3 of us were quite close in 1980. But to meet him again 3 hours later in Ulu Langat for another doa selamat was unthinkable.

I reached the doa selamat at this very nicely done bungalow on a 10,000 ft land while they were reciting the wirids, and Kodeq was just 5 mins behind. Rusman, the host was not a friend from school, so I didn't expect to see anyone I knew at the doa selamat. I was prepared to be lonely or making new friends there to be honest.

But there he was again.

The world is getting too small!


You know what a D day, but H stands for Holy as in holidays and B stands for busy.

Zul is going for the first time while Rusman is going for the second time in consecutive years. He told me that he enjoyed it so much last year that he simply have to go again this year! Haj has that effect on you, I guess.

The question that both of them posted to this blogger is when is he going.

That's a very good question, I must admit. I've been asking myself of the same thing!

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