Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jewels from the Kraton

She is a picture of grace and concentration. I didn't catch her eye-ing the camera or the audience during her performance. She is in her own world. (Click on the picture to see the full splendour)

The Kraton dancers. Graceful. They all are.

As for the title, I was referring to these items below owned by the Sultan. Some of the replica of the real thing on display at the Kraton. The Jogja Kraton is younger than its counterpart in Solo and started in the 17th century.


  1. you are a very good photographer :)

  2. Dear Lyzmelk,

    Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your kind comment. To be honest, I am not really good, and if the pics were good, I would attribute it to the camera! ;-)

    Dear Jen,

    Thanks for dropping by and kind comment. I am glad you like the pictures.