Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blow-torched Nasik Goreng

Would you eat nasik goreng that would include blow torch in its cooking process?

Of course with the klung kleng sound of the stirring of the sudit hitting the wok is typical, but this is not your typical nasik goreng found on the street of Kuala Lumpur. You don't blow-torched your nasik goreng even if your live depended on it.

This can only be found in Tanjung Duren in Jakarta.

It is patented, just in case you are thinking of opening a gerai in the Klang valley.

I used to not really like Indonesian food because I can't seems to get enough of curry there. But after more than 15 years of hitting all parts of Indonesia and having to eat at the smallest and dinkiest of warung in the smallest town in Indonesia, I am getting used to the wonderful cooking of Indonesian dishes.

In general, it is healthier than ours. Generally.

So let's follow the process of cooking Nasik Goreng Bakar.

This is nothing new of course. The big flamed cooking process. The Chinese seems to like doing this quite a bit. After all the tumising and getting all the perencah cooked, just like you would in cooking the normal nasik goreng, you are ready for the bakar part.

The blow torch has been ignited. I waited with bated breath.

Here it comes - the torch inside the wok. It is direct contact with the nasik goreng. Oh my!
I think this goes one for more than 2-3 mins. Make sure all the grains of the rice are in touch with the torch. Move over Mahsuri!

Woho, it is really cooking.
It is done - the cook and his masterpiece.
The masterpiece - Nasik Goreng Bakar. Doesn't it look delicious enough for you?
My meal yesterday (Tuesday night) in Jakarta. Nasik goreng bakar, and es kelapa muda.
Would you include this in your menu?

Supposedly it is noted for its low cholesterol. I can't certify that, but that's what the menu says. Indonesia is not known for its corrupt-free government but the people are known for their honesty, so I would have to take their words for it.

Yummy. I gave them a 10 for ingenuity. As for the taste, please try it yourself at Tanjung Duren in Jakarta. It is only RM70 this Ramadhan for you to hit Jakarta.


This entry was posted while sitting at a lounge at hotel with ample of breeze from Selat Makassar. Don't you quite believe me - I am just trying to make you all jealous. And no, I am not in Makassar. Just in case you are wondering, no, he did not use acetylene. It is pure O2 at high pressure.

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