Monday, January 17, 2011

Sudir during his innocent days

The year was 1979 - I remember it vividly as it was yesterday, as I consider that year to be one of the better years of my life. SRP was behind me, and SPM was even further from my mind.
Was the picture printed inside out? It seems like a left hand drive road to me.
Then again, dual carriage-way and just a single car and a
kapchai? It seems like eternity to me.
Sudir came up with his Perasaan album. Ahmad Nawab had by then left EMI, and there was a void in getting someone to produce his album at EMI. They turned to Ooi Eow Jin, and he didn't disappoint me although I must say that this is one of his least known albums.

Supposedly it was his last; he had graduated from UM and was at a cross-road whether to pursue a singing or legal career. Fortunately, he went to continue recording  and 1980 was his best year with two best selling albums in a single year.

But that's another story.

Love this album inside out. Someone just uploaded this clip recently of his 1979 performance. Rare, I would say. Enjoy.

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