Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lima Kali Kahwin (Amboi!)

I first heard this song when I was a kid.

It was Mak who introduced and explained the song to us. We were in Lenggong if I am not mistaken, and with no television, we would always listen to the radio or play the vinyls. She said the song was funny, as it is about the guy who married various girls from all over Indonesia and their cooking styles.

The Javanese gal would always adorn the kebaya, and would always cook tempe, while the Padang gal would cook petai and jering. The Medan gal asyik2 tumis, and goreng2, kari-kari campur belacan?  haha Apparently he also got married to a Western gal, and she would wear tight skirt, and she would always cook french fries and everything cheese.

And at the each of each story the singer would imitate the wife's way of justifying the dishes she cooks - in the various dialect.

"Oh itu paling enak, darling" in a fine western slang.

It is funny. I love this song, Zulkarnain is cheeky in this song.

I have no idea who is Zulkarnain and how he looks like. I tried surfing but could find little.

Anyway, enjoy the song, ok. I prepared the video after downloading the mp3, but could not find anything suitable as Gadis Medan.

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