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Taiping Railway Station - the end is nigh? - Part I


I decided at the very last minute (sahur Friday) that I will have my bukak puasa with Mak that eve (12th August). So I told Arif that we may leave office early that day so that we can make it by iftar time. But at the same time, I was planning to give away some iftar meals to be shared around at the office and was told that it will be ready by 3 pm.

But in the end it reaches the office by 4.15 pm.

So we rushed out of the office by 4.25 pm, reached the Bukit Lanjan queue - eh I mean, hiway, and drove like a F1 driver and had a pit stop at Changkat Jering to buy some cold drink, and reached Sri Kota by the azan KL time. Phew, fortunately my Ferrari Enzo was willing! ;))

So I had my iftar with mak on the night that bapak returned from KL via train and walked from train station to home, while his son and grandson 27 years later were comfortably driving. We had sahur early that Saturday morning on the very same time bapak had her hypertension attack and passed away.

At the very same place.

I didn't plan it that way, it was by chance to be honest.

The End is nigh? Part 1

So after visiting my cousin on Saturday morning and with nothing else to do between then and iftar time, I decided to visit the Taiping Railway station. I had thought that I want to take the train back home for Raya this time around - for old time sake. I was thinking of taking an early leave/break from work, and return to Taiping on my own earlier than the rest of the family.

Arif is going to be the main driver home, while I will enjoy my train ride. Yay!
My train ticket to Taiping this Raya - for old time sake!
Last train to Taiping, figuratively speaking, I hope.

The track (left) has been
barricaded to denote construction
So for one last time, we took picture of my hunting place for Beano and Dandy comics, a place would normally go to whenever we had the opportunity to go on vacation to my auntie's place in KL.

Nothing has changed since the 70s, but there is now a hive of activities on the railway station. Not of commercial activities, but of construction activities.

We are at a point of no return. Progress is coming to Taiping Station, albeit 40 years too late. In fact, I think it was forty years too soon.

So I thought I should be enjoying it while it lasts. I have tracked the Taiping station in previous entry. It is here.

I had a chat with the ticketing officer and was told in no uncertain term, if it were down to KTM, they would have the train station torn down in no time. The maintenance is not something they cherished doing.

I am not sure if I should be sentimental about it, to be honest. While I am all for conservation, the building is in dilapidated state and it is a bit non-descript, and I am not being brutal.

It is not something to be in awe.

Anyway, history is history, and there is little I could do, but to capture it in pictures. All pictures were taken by Arif.
The railway track of Taiping (looking North/East)

The inner side of the Taiping train station looking South/West
The outerside of Taiping railway station looking North/East
(towards Taiping station)

The toilet! It is the only concrete building
within the Taiping station
The 'gudang' in front of the station. It is a normal view
for us in the 70s while waiting for our train. How long
will it lasts?
All pictures were unedited, except for the watermark.

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