Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am simply exhausted!

Twenty one days into the new year and I am already wishing that we are at the end of the year again.

Instead of having the full year to get through, like we are right now.

Don't get me wrong; I have reasons to rejoice. REasons I would not reveal for now. And they are real reasons for rejoicing for anybody.

Especially me!

But at this moment, I am too tired to be rejoicing to be honest. I feel like a zombie. I have been working non-stop since 10 December 2012, and it has been six straight weeks. It is not like it is a five-day week that we are talking here; it is practically seven-day week - straight, 12-14 hour day and inclusive of traveling up and down the East Coast Highway on a weekly basis.

No christmas holidays, no new year holidays and obviously no CNY either.

Come the weekend, I would be staring down two computers - as if one is not enough. Most of the time it would be lying down on the carpet in my living room; many a times it would be up in the office. Deadlines came and went; and the work is still not done. It keeps on piling on the table. The delivery seems to be like a blackhole - it will eat anything you deliver and wants more.

It probably want your souls too.

I am not really complaining though. For an employer like me, having jobs are God-sent gifts. Keeping everybody busy with work is heavenly as a boss. I don't have to worry about anybody busying themselves on FB and not on some productive work that would generate income.

1110 NASA Road 1 Houston TX. From the small window in my (then)
office, I can see the NASA HQ with the Saturn V rocket (of course they don't
have the shuttle in Houston). This office was only10 mins from home which is located
in front of the lake. Hence I did not mind then working for 12-16 hour day.
But somehow I thought I should keep on reminding myself that I do not wish to have 1999 all over again. Then working from an office in front of NASA HQ at NASA Road 1 in Houston, we worked 7-day week, 12-hour day for three straight months. In the beginning it was fun; but as we approached the deadlines, the pressure was on, and it was taking the toll on me.

There was so much the body can take, and mind you, that body was 13 years younger then.

I am certainly tired - no, make that exhausted, but I also do know that the work is not yet done [sigh]. There are more to come, so the pressure is still on. The job is certainly giving my brain a good workout, but it is the body that could not take it anymore. I certainly do not want to live through 1999 all over again, but at this stage of my life I certainly do not have too many choices. 

I certainly hope it would not end though, not for the staff anyway. They can keep on working; they are still young anyway. 

It is just the boss who needs the time off!


And I thought once upon a time I would like to be a boss with people working for me (instead of me working)! What went wrong with that vision? [sigh]

And I am so tired that it has taken the toll on this blog. I have not been updating it. Two entries in 3 months are what what I envisage when I took up blogging years ago.

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