Sunday, February 12, 2012

Manchester United vs Liverfool

It has been more than 5 years I have not watched a live game.

For one, I dont have ASTRO. So in the end I would have to rely on soccernet to get my soccernews  of a team I have supported since 1974. My first ever live game of Manchester United would be the 1976 FA Cup loss to a second division team called Southampton. It was a wonderful game with a beautiful passing game from MU, except for that second half goal from Bobby Stoke from which MU never recovered.

Of course they made amend in 1977 with that sweet 2-1 victory over treble chasing Liverfool.

Of course then and in the 80s, I got bored watching Liverfool getting their hands on the First Division championship, but my support for United never wavered.

Watching the game from a hotel somewhere near the straits of Malacca, I thought it was a good game by United. For the record, I thought Suarez, Daglish and Liverfool were pathetic over the Evra incident.

But the reason I wrote this piece is to record Shebby Singh's post game commentary:

"I have never seen such a pathetic display by a Liverfool team in a soccer game."

"I thought Liverfool were scared of Manchester United"

I didn't say those words. It was Shebby's.

But I could not agree more with him, hehehe.


The real reason I wrote this is that I was bored by the noisy Liverfool's fans on FB who kept on posting everything Liverfools. C'mon, there are more to life than a soccer match. I thought it was pathetic. Cukup-cukup la posting kat FB.

Tukar lah topic sekali sekala!

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