Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1985 and Dee C Lee

1985 was a great year for me.

Specifically the end of 1985.

By then I had finished my study after four toiling years at Monash, and by early December, we would have gotten our results. In hindsight, we knew our student life were coming to an end.

In 1985, got to know this great lady. I thought I was in love with her voice.

And her song.

In an era where there was no Youtube, we had to wait for Australian Countdown perhaps, and other limited musical programs on the telly to sample and watch the great video clips of the 80s. So it was always a pleasure to watch her on my B&W tube.

And not worry about study at all.

While Whitney Houston released her beautiful ballad in early 1985, Dee C Lee chose the right time to release them after I had finished my exams.

I thought her voice and song were a perfect match - a match made in heaven.

Twenty seven years later, I am still in love.

(The song and her voice lah!!!)

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