Monday, September 3, 2012

She was so young

Someone posted a song by Bread; what else but "If" and typically too "the Goodbye Girl". Yeah, nice songs, but there is one beautiful song from him that is much better than these two signature songs from David Gates and Bread.

And suddenly memories came flowing back.

There was this song from David Gates that I love so much in 1979/1980. Well actually the album which contained this song was released in 1979, but I am pretty sure it made its way to KB most likely in 1980. In the era of living without internet, news, info and songs did not travel at electron speed. The records or cassettes have to physically arrived on-shore in Malaysia for listeners like me to be able to listen to the songs.

Love the guitar play and the string; and the dictation of David Gates is so clear and precise, that you don't need the internet for its lyric.

Anyway irrespective of the lyric and the story lines it was trying to tell, I love this song way back in 1980, and I must admit only in 2012, it comes flooding again down in my memory lane.

She is so young, in the spring of her life
He in his autumn, and I know his wife
He took the chance when it came to him 
Then found that it's too late to start over again

"Life can be so hard at times"


Of BTW, love the song, the arrangement and the clear and concise voice of David Gates and nothing else, so don't go interpreting anything, ok! :) Anyway the song was from 1980, when I was 17 myself, and not in my autumn, hahaha.

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