Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Suasana Riang dihari Raya (dibulan Ramadhan)?

I had never thought of hiring anyone for Akmal's music video, though I have to admit that I did think about it.

Akmal's music video is getting stale with only him playing and there seems to be no story line that we are used to seeing in music video. But then again, he is no professional in music and I have no budget for him since he does not generate enough income to sustain it.

So I thought why should not we find volunteers?

I mean I had made cameo appearance before in his music video in a cemetery scene, so may be there will be many who would not mind seeing themselves in a music video uploaded in Youtube. So I asked my brothers if they would volunteer taking video of their children celebrating Raya for me to use in a music video.

And I found an ally in my sister and his husband.

So she set us up with the kids who frequented their house daily to learn the Quran.

Here are the pictures taken during the shooting. Unfortunately we are in Ramdhan. Unfortunately it was noon, so the pity the kids for having to go through walking or riding the bikes at noon, and can't have their drinks.

And yes, they had to pretend that they were eating and drinking and practically having fun.
Kami datang nak beraya

Adegan makan while they were fasting
Learning the song first

Practising with Akmal on the piano

Rehearsal with me taking the video in the background

The adik-adrik comel beraya di buaian

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