Monday, April 14, 2008

"Put the shrimp on the barbie"

as a popular phrase in Australia goes....

I was praying hard that rain would come early and leave early too. In some ways, my prayer was answered. It came at 3 pm, but didn't subside till about 5 pm. It however came again around 6 and drizzle a bit through out the night.

(On the other hand, Sir Alex would not invoke God's name to pray for a winning match for Man United. He said that there are more important things to ask from God, and winnning football is not one of them!)

But it is good enough I guess. Drizzle or not, the barbeque has to go one.

I thought I would have to supply everybody with a gas mask if we were to BBQ indoor - with all the smokes it would generate, but with only the drizzle out there, we managed do it near the edge of the verandah away from the door, so in the end no one would have any need to wear the mask.

I thought since we have not been barbecuing for so long, it would be time for one. Especially with Mak around, having just came back from a month in Australia.

Well, everybody was here. Well almost. Practically everything was finished off that night. No chance for the BBQ meat to be included in the morning nasik goreng or something.

The sausages were a hit with the kids, but the adults were more eyeing on the prawns.

All the meat on the barbie. The shrimp too, I must add. The 'Aussies' love putting shrimp on their barbie!

Akmal and two of my fav nieces helping out; well, enjoying themselves I guess. And posing too if I may add. It is a jungle out there where we had the BBQ.

Yours truly just tukang start api; batu 'ronson' to be precise, if you remember the term!

Mak & Farah

Mak, Farah and Ani chatting at the verandah.

The scenes at the dining table. Well beyond the barbecued meats, laksa, karipap, cheese cakes were served. It has been awhile since the last gathering of the Hariris.

I guess these are the last remnants of the night still on the barbie.

Ata, Shikin and Shasha.

The budding pianist Iman, showing off her lesung pipit.

Where would kids be on a drizzling night if not in front of the PC?

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  1. yep, the shimps were the best!!!