Monday, March 1, 2010

Belasungkawa: Sapurah Yaacob (Jan 1963 - 27 Feb 2010)

Life is short, very short - it goes without saying.

While we all knew that, we acted as if that we would live through eternity and when death comes a calling, it would jolt you to your senses (albeit for a period and then life goes on, I guess). I was away on vacation when I was informed of her condition. Three days in coma, she breathed her last on Saturday evening and was buried in Bangi on Sunday morning, and as I was away, I had to miss her funeral.

Sapurah was a colleague from my MRSM days, and while we seldom got acquainted during those days due to us being in different classrooms and homerooms, I do remember verywell our - perhaps - first conversation as I had written about the 2003 Raya gathering "The Best Time to Plant a Tree".

As for Sapurah, it was an interesting conversation on career, study and family life. It never occurred to this writer that was our first conversation after all these years and it was like old friends, right Sapurah? Good luck with the study. If you need info on Islamic banking at UIA, let this writer know.

As I have said, may be that was our first (decent) conversation, but we chatted about anything that day, just like old friends. There was no inhibition and reservation on our parts, and I must say it strike me enough for me to write about it two weeks later of the 1st Jan 2003 gathering.

When we decided to do a reunion magazine, she was one of the first to volunteer her pix album, and together we were able to scavenge it for suitable pix to be used in the magazine. She was always a willing contributor to the cause. You will see that better in the write up I wrote on the 1st Jan 2003 gathering below.

That was about to change that day, thanks to the organizers. He was told that the Sapurah, the two Aya’s, and Ku were instrumental in getting the gathering going. A thousand thanks to them. Atuk according to the website came as early as 7 am to book the place and Sapurah was like a superwoman carrying all the drinks while this writer behaved like on big shot, and watched. Shame on him!

A mother of 7, the youngest being nine years old. A mother of seven would need to be a superwoman. That's a reflection of her life I guess - dotting mothers to her children I am sure.

But beyond that I knew very little of her life, other than that she was a good person and mother. Perhaps what I had written about her would give you an example of the kindhearted person that she was. The above pix was her with her son during the 2003 Raya gathering.

I am sure many tears were shed by her friends that day to mourn her passing.

Moga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas ruhnya and dimasukkan kedalam orang yang diredhaiNya.




I could have researched (ie talked more to her close friends) and wrote a lengthier obituary, but I thought a timely one would be better that a late, lengthier one.

On the other hand, yet another death occurred on Monday morning (1 March 10). The wife of Orang Kuat MRSMKB76 Saudara Ku Hamid aka Atuk died suddenly and was buried in Kota Damansara by asar. She left behind 3 children.

My condolence to Atuk and hope he and his family will be 'patient' with His test. Alfatihah.

I am relieved to have been able to pay the last respect and visit a friend in his hours of sorrow, this time around.

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