Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is a marathon

After two weeks not having to write, I was beginning to think that writing is a chore.

Well may be not; and I hope not anyway.

The fact that Streamyx is down at my home certainly did not help. Trying to write in the office would be a futile exercise. There are just way too many things that I need to do, to even try.

But I am reminded this morning, on the way to the office that today the SPM results would be out. I don't have anyone on my side taking - Arif last year and Akmal will be next year, and neither nieces nor nephews I guess.

I don't remember much getting my SPM results other than that it was posted to us by Bapak. So I didn't have my fun at school with friends getting my results. In fact it was a non affair to be honest. It was work as usual at Leederville Technical College where we were doing our matriculation and no one bothered much about SPM results.

It was all forgotten - it was the past and by then the matric represent the future.

SPM in hindsight did not represent the future to be honest. It should not be the highlight of our lives as students. Hopefully, there will be many more years at the uni which is where you would want to excel more a student that during your SPM.

And of course 30 years or more of working life.

Life is a marathon and not a 100-m sprint. It is a personal journey in itself and is only a competition within ourselves.


Uh oh, am I beginning to sound like a preacher? An old one at that. ;-)

What on earth I am talking about? I have no idea myself!

This is not to say SPM is not important. It is important, if only in providing the foundation for our later years.

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