Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fly the Distance

Congratulation Arif for completing 5 papers of the CA6 with flying colours - the pun was unintentional. You know I have faith in you. CA6 are external papers for the professional pilot exam set by the United Kingdom's Department of Civil Aviation, and conducted by DCA Malaysia. You would be paying at least 90 GBP just to sit for one paper.

Six papers means a big hole on the dad's wallet.

In normal circumstances, I would be upset for him missing out on the other paper, but I know that it is not for the lack of trying. He, for the first time since joining the flying academy in June 09, did not return home for more than a month last month; normally he would return every weekend, after all Melaka is only two hours drive away. All in the name of study I guess. But I think it is a matter of balancing all the subjects, so that you would cover most of the ground, rather than concentrating on certain subjects and get full mark for them.

I know he has been under a lot of stress trying to ensure he would get through alright.

Well, Arif, I guess it is time to enjoy your solo flights again.

I thought since I am yet able to show the picture of him flying solo, to commemorate the joyous occasion, I thought I should re-post him at 14 playing piano solo for a concert at Sedaya Uni College Auditorium, and bagging the best performer award. It is still solo, right? ;-)

Obviously he clinched it not by this performance alone, he had a violin solo performance, plus four more; the only student with multiple performances, and from a handful of Malay students in that school.

Let me remind you that he was 14 in 2005. What did I do when I was 14?

Here are the comments from viewers at Youtube. I did not know since he first posted it, there had been so many comments. Not bad for a guy at 14.

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CurlyHairedDemon very powerful, but on the hight notes you manage to make it tender. also, your pedal is A-MA-ZING 5 1 year ago

Flight277 You're awesome! Love This song! 5 2 years ago

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n3rdycow that was heart-warmingly beautiful...i can feel the passion whenever i hear this song and your playing, but i must ask how did you learn to play this song? Did you have sheet music? If so, where from? 4 months ago

cristokiohotel it's awesome, i'm learning it at the moment, it's quite difficult at a start! 10 months ago

slimkip SOME GOOD SHIT MAN 10 months ago

Blitzblurr upload la lagi... 1 year ago

Blitzblurr bagos2... 1 year ago

francescosv O_O!!!!!!! 1 year ago

zetpower .... 1 year ago

Hiphop618 Wow, great job! 1 year ago

martyta16 wooow me encanta goood 1 year ago

300Lui300 i enjoyed that lol, how long u been playin for ? 2 1 year ago

300Lui300 i enjoyed that lol, how long u been playin for ? 2 1 year ago

Pianist1991 Thank you everyone for all of your nice comments... : ) 1 year ago

theGAPkid bloody brilliant mate

should be proud :) 1 year ago

etela Nicely done! :D 4 2 years ago

Sarn0 Woot! =D 2 years ago

efreund Great hands! 2 years ago

Auderianu I think so, I saw my choir teacher's book, and it sounds like the same arrangement. 2 2 years ago

Flight277 You're awesome! Love This song! 5 2 years ago

undeniable09 Supppppperrrrrr!!! 3 2 years ago

loiho5 Nice.  Why don't you musicians make more stuff singers can put on their video for accompaniment? 4 2 years ago

Andy20019 Where'd you find the piano sheets? 3 2 years ago

CITYVOGUE I'm learning the exact arrangement you played.  Good job. 4 2 years ago

KittyPerkasa Fantastic, man! You remind me of my piano and singing performance on "My heart will go on" during the talent show when I was Grade 9. 4 2 years ago

kuromakii purrrrrtyy :3 4 2 years ago

violinhelp911 I am singing this in my choir class on may 22nd.

BY THE WAY... nice job 4 3 years ago

Ayquepesado is that from the "disney piano solos" book? sounds great! 4 3 years ago

Wishmaster300 That was amazing. 5 Stars! This is the only

performance of "Go the Distance" on Piano in Youtube. 4 3 years ago

blackricardo hey nice man i'm learning it too but it's kind of hard for me because i never had piano lessons ^^ 4 3 years ago

Peng2830 very nice..

i really like too learning it.

could you maybe make a video, "how to play i can go the distance" by piano :) 4 3 years ago

pnoyboy88 o.O nice im learning it too!!! u did an awesome job!!! 3 3 years ago

sexypiano Aw, this is awesome ... I'm learning this on the piano. You did a really really good job! :D 4 3 years ago

dynsim Nice. Well done. 5 3 years ago


  1. congrats Arif!!! tak lama lagi boleh dapat flight ticket free ;)

  2. Amin...InsyaAllah, tp lambat lagi la. But if you are thinking of renting a single engine plane, he is now licensed to fly you. Just let him know ;-)

  3. Menarik juga idea tu, kena discuss further ni :)