Monday, April 26, 2010

Suliza's Eyes

She is perhaps Malaysia's answer to Bette Davis who is immortalized in a hit song from 1981 titled Bette Davis' Eyes, sung by the husky voiced Kim Carnes.

For some reasons, this is the time to reminisce the 80s - this time the location is Malaysia though. Yes, yes, enough pictures of me. Let's see and watching something more pleasing to the eyes and ears, ok. ;-)

As I have mentioned, the 80s are a mixed time for me. Tragedies struck during three consecutive years, but I made it through my studies in Dec '85, returned home in April '86 and got a job in July '86, so it can't all be that bad, right?

This song was released in 85, but made it big in 86 as I remember enjoying her and her songs after I had came back in early 86. By this time, I would have been working at a cement plant just outside of Taiping, and I guess all the hard work commissioning the plant would all be equalized watching this video clip.

Then again, who would not? She made it big at the local music scene, not only because of the melodious song, but I believe it was her eyes that somehow caught the imagination of many of us. Hehehe, she somehow has what the Malays called 'mata kucing' and I am not sure if that's the proper description. You can watch it at 0:40, 1:18 and 1:19, just in case you did not notice.

Hehe, don't get me wrong here. It was the mid-80s and the mid 80s was a revival time for Malay song after many stale compositions in during the '84 time frame, so she was a breath of fresh air, and a few years of pop songs, though this was soon followed by the rock era in the late 80s.

Yeah, yeah, her song sounds good, the voice listenable and the face pretty with a peculiar but lovely pair of eyes - I'd admit I enjoy watching her on the telly. ;-) Then la.

I guess, after many years of following the great English songs of the 80s, it was time to settle down with the local songs, and Untuk Sekali Lagi and Suliza Salam was a great re-introduction to the local music scene.

And TV3's Muzik Muzik would be our best (read: only) avenue to listen to songs of the day then.

She did come up with another album and another great song Cinta diHatiku in 1990 before she left the scene to get married I guess. At least we can still enjoy those years in Youtube.

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