Sunday, September 26, 2010

To my cousin Baharom, get well soon

I just saw him during the Raya 2010 when his clan dropped by at Mak's house on the fourth day. He even picked us up at Simpang, since we didn't know the route to his twin's house, a couple of hours later.

Last week I was told by his bro Abg Ned that he is now in ICU Hospital Taiping after he had undergone operations. Apparently he had hit his a pot hole while riding his motorbike and beyond bruises all over his arms and leg, he had internal bleeding.

Baharom (far right) when he came avisiting on Raya day
 in 2010.
Twelve days later, he is still in induced coma. According to the nurse, normally by a week, he should be awake.

He was very close with us since we both used to live in Aulong while we were growing up, and we are of the same age. Climbing the rambutan trees at 1290 PWD Aulong would be his forte, when we were kids. His house was the house we were when we did the dodol in 2005.

"Ya Allah, Engkau selamatkan sepupu ku ini dan sembuhkan lah dia, agar dia dapat menjalankan kehidupan dia seperti biasa bersama keluarga, dan beribadah kepada Mu."



All because of pot holes! When would we take our government officers to task for sleeping on the job? Better still, we should take them to court! All because of tidak apa attitude and the lack of responsibility. Didn't we pay enough taxes already to have a pot-free road?

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