Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Safia Putri Melati is Minah Gadis Dusun

Aah, I have been looking for this song for years.

Yes, I do know that the original Titiek Puspa version has been uploaded in Youtube for many years now. But I was looking for this particular version by child singer whose version I thought is a much better version that even the maestro Titiek.

I seldom, if ever, give good review for a remake. But this one tops them all.

Safia Putri Melati.

Soothing music. It is simple and well done. It didn't sound cheap. In fact it sounds perfect with the childish voice of Safia.

It is a compliment, really. Her voice suits this song to the letter.

Whenever I hear this song, I would be time-traveling back to the 70s, and I can imagine life then as depicted by this song.



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