Friday, August 3, 2012

The Olympian that never was

Now that I am finally getting into the spirit of the Olympic, I thought I should try to write an entry on one. But I am not sure if there was any link, to be honest, between Olympic and the blogger.

I was never a sportperson; never was and never will be (even in the veteran section). That I would gladly admit. None of my kids are either. You can call us anything - kaki bangku, tangan meja, pengkang, whatever.

I was not good with any of physical attributes. I cannot 'run', I can't kick a ball, let alone curve it,  my wrist are up to the mark in a badminton game. 

Only the fact that at one time I was bigger than my peers that I was selected to play rugby for my school, and we won the Perak state title that year. But that was so many years ago that soon it would be considered a 'heritage' landmark by UNESCO!

Honestly, I think it is a waste of money to send Malaysian athletes to Games. Not many would be medal contender. MOst would be water carrier, if I may say that. Only perhaps Lee Chong Wei, and Azizul could contend for a medal in their respective fields.

Yang lelain, including the pregnant lady shooter - Suryati - perabih beras saja!

But in the spirit of (London) Olympic 2012, and talking about our shooters and archery, I was reminded of my own foray in archery in 1981. I was doing my matric and a senior had invited us to join an archery class over the weekends.

"It is a favourite sport of the prophet," we were reminded. That was all the encouragement I needed.

And being new to the country (Australia, or Western Australia/Perth to be more precise), I was keen to sample every little thing that is considered a different lifestyle that we were so used to in Malaysia and in Kota Bharu.

So I jumped into archery. Learned the proper techniques from the instructor - it was a formal course. Managed to hit a couple of bulls-eye, and we went 'hunting' too - 'rabbits', 'kangaroos', and deers especially, were some of my victims. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera during hunting period, so I can't show you any picture. You have to just take my words for me, ok.

If not, consider it as one that gets away! ;)

The (archery) olympian that never was.
Don't you think I have the flair? Hehehe.
Picture taken in 1981
Looking at the picture above, in hindsight I could have been an Olympian, may be for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic. We could have won our first medal way back then, had I decided to pursue it with more vengeance, or not be an engineer.

Would you agree with me? ;)

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