Sunday, January 6, 2013

She would have been 74 today

Mak would have been 74 today.

But she did not make it to today; she was invited over to meet with the Creator six months earlier. Apparently according to my auntie Maksu, Mak passed away at the same age as (my) Nenek. I didn't know that; I thought Nenek passed away in her 80s. Then again may be not. She may looked 80s to my eyes, I guess it was only my perception, and hence I personally thought she would only go in her 80s.

I should have known better.

in 2012, she celebrated her birthday alone in Taiping - for some reason she decided that she wants to stay in Taiping in the early part of the year. May be in contemplation, I don't know. Most likely we would wish her over the phone, or text.

But I remember the birthday celebration a year earlier in 2011 for her 72nd birthday. These are pictures and stories that have never been told or published before, and I thought it is about time I share them with all here in the blog.

For the record.

Mak is about to realize that many of her cucus are waiting for
her arrival. She thought she was about to have dinner alone with Ani
and her family.
For the record, I did not arrange for this celebration. I believe it was my sister Ksham's arrangement and I just went along with it. Mak for sure did not know anything about it; it was a surprise for her. KSham and family, and my family and I were the first to arrive and Mak arrived later on at 8.38 pm with Ani.

It was reasonably dark in the restaurant with only ambient lighting, that she did not really notice us until  much later.

We were all there to celebrate her birthday with her.

Smiles were written all over her face when she found out.
Not sure what she was admiring - could be the lamps

Foods are served

Dinner comes with birthday cake
Mak and her cucu and children get a birthday song
sung by a singer of the restaurant band. I think she is amused
more than anything else.

With a little help from Danial

Mak and her three children on Jan 6, 2011 at Bora Ombak Ampang
She looks very healthy at this stage. Love her smile.
With everybody, except Akmal

Alfatihah untuk Mak.

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