Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sleepless in Chicago II

It has been awhile since I last posted an entry in this blog of mine.
I am not sure why; may be because I was too buzy, and I was. I know I have a couple of topics that I would like to put pen to paper. But then again, may be I was too lazy to sit down and write. Some of these topics require some thinking, and I prefer topics I can write straight from my heart.
A friend of mine had to travel from Chicago recently when his wife, who was in Malaysia to attend their niece's wedding, suddenly fell ill. He got that dreaded phone call that practically says, "I think you better come home" and without further ado, took the next flight out that very night.
Thirty hours later he landed at KLIA, and fortunately for him there was a happy ending. Right on cue, his wife was also at the same time discharged from ICU into the normal ward.
I am sure to his relief.
I can't imagine what he want through during the 30-hour flight. I am sure he would not be able to sleep and would be worrying about her.
I am happy for you Madi and Bayah. God bless the both of you and have a good return flight to Chicago this Tuesday. I spent a couple of days at their house during winter 2006 when I detoured from my meeting in Florida. I remember the delicious omellette that she cook for breakfast during those time and the hospitality of their family.
You can read about my adventure "Sleepless in Chicago" here.
Madi receving a visitor, an old friend and former classmates at the ward
in Sungai Buloh Hospital on Sunday 3 February 2013

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