Saturday, March 16, 2013

The RM8 breakfast at Pasar Tani

The pasar tani at UPM is quite a relaxing place.
The parking is ample; proper parking is readily available and one need not have to resort to double parking or parking by the roadside. In fact, one need not park a km away.
This is only my second time here. I am here to purchase more trees for the orchard in Langat. Talking to Adziz, within 10 minutes, I completed my purchase of Durian Duri Hitam and some other fruit trees including Putat. Just want to increase the varieties of trees in the orchard, that's all.

Upon completion,Akmal and I decided to have our breakfast at the Pasar Tani. There are ample of foods - quite a variety too, I must say. Anything to tickle one's fancy. I am sure one can find something that you like.
So I tried Nasi Minyak - a Terengganu breakfast one cannot easily find in Kuala Lumpur. Nasi dagang and nasik kerabu; they are easy to find in KL, but not nasik minyak. Whenever I have a craving for one, I would try to get an appointment in Kerteh at 10 am, so that I can have my breakfast there before the meeting.
Nasik minyak of  ourse.
But this morning I paid RM8 for a nasik minyak kambing. The food is good - no complain there I guess. But paying RM8 for breakfast is a bit too much I think. Not my style, but then again, I don't have breakfast here every week.
"Dik, bagi saya tisu," I asked the stall owner after paying him.
"Tak da tisu," he replied.
I did not say anything, but left.
I went to another stall and asked for two teh tarik. "RM3.20, satu RM1.60,"so I was told.
I paid my drinks, sighing.
But I am left wondering.
How much is teh tarik at my favourite restoran? RM1? RM1.20? RM1.50 at the most. But here in pasar Tani, supposedly all produce here are direct from farmers, so supposedly there are cheaper.
And the farmers are supposed to earn more profit without the middle men.
Jolly good.
Buying a RM8 breakfast, and one did not even get any tissue, and paying inflated teh tarik  at pasar tani, I am sure it is not worth it. Here is a place dominated by Malay sellers and frequented by Malays.
And a place for Melayu to ketok orang Melayu.
Don't you think so?

My RM1.60 teh tarik. By this time, my RM8 breakfast
is long gone! Hahaha

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