Sunday, March 17, 2013

The March Rambling - Are we so incompetent?

I am extremly bored with the Malaysian political scene.
And I am tired of waiting for the election.
Macam menunggu kucing bertandok. Don't we have other things to do too, beyond waiting for general election?
Honestly, I am taking this government to task for failure to hold the election after 5 years. I don't really care about the technicalities. As far as I am concerned, we last held it on March 8, 2008 and it is overdue and this government is clinging on to power and does not seem to want to relinguish it.
To me, illegally. (As I have said, I don't care about the technicalities. Your five years is up. Let the people decide if you deserve another five years.)
I am not even sure if they will relinguish the power when the parliment dissolves automatically. Supposedly on April 28.
Never before in the country history we have a government resorting to this.
And the daily campaigning by them on telly. It is the speech by the PM, then the PM and then you have all kinds of advertorials, telling up in not so subtle way to ensure the current government stays in power.

It is yawning.
The government should be held responsible for the Sabah debacle. How did the intruders enter Sabah so easily and without the police or army knowing about it at all? In fact, without resistance at all. Did the police and army intelligence fail the nation? I think they did and I would like to call for the top brass of both forces to admit mistake and take responsibility for this failure. I'd call on the Home Minister to resign too over this. It is an honourable way to go, Hishamuddin. He must have been sleeping on his job. So did the police and army chiefs.
Why only now the government is thinking of setting the many police stations proposed a few days earlier? Why only now we are setting up the East Sabah Command Centre? After 50 years of independence?
It is one thing that 200 armed men were able to enter the country without even our authorities knowing it? But to be able to escape our cordon when the whole might of our military and police are in that area is another.
Are we so incompetent? It is pathetic.
I believe that this debacle is closely linked to the rampant give-away of citizenship and IC to immigrants in Sabah. Whoever set this IC for vote schemes, they are the traitors to the nation, and should be treated accordingly.
They are selling the nation to foreigners.
Memang panas hati bila difikirkan. Menyakitkan hati. Our politicians have no morality.



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  2. Thanks and noted for the comment, Pak Idrus. Agree wholeheartedly with you.