Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cahaya Aidilfitri - A Three-piece Instrumental

It has been quite a while since Akmal last posted a new song. He has been busy with his studies, so I did not bother to push him to produce new ones. I thought that his studies are more important than anything else.

But with the raya looming, what the heck. The boys agreed to do a new Raya song and this time around, they chose this wonderful and sad song from Black Dog Bone.

And I thought as usual, Akmal did an excellent piano arrangement. Arif did a good job with the violin. For the first time since 2009, Akmal included his guitar performance in the new video.

The video itself is shot using Nikon D7100, so it is  HD video all the way.

Enjoy and have a safe journey for those traveling home.

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