Monday, March 31, 2014

Do we need cable at all?

Honestly, without trying to fault Malaysian police, I am not sure even I could act with such integrity and transparency as this LAPD cop.

Not only her dad is a former policeman, and I am sure many of us are quite loyal to our organization and fellow officers, and then I am not sure how many could resist the charm of this pretty young lady, even if she did not try to charm you.

Would you issue her a ticket?

I mean it is so easy to walk away, and telling her to have a nice day. I am reasonably sure tyhat  this incident would not make it at Judge Judy and watched by 11 million people. Hehe, don't get me wrong, after all the father is a former officer like yourself.

I remember an incident a friend told me years ago. He was hauled at Karak for speeding, the same offense this young lady were ticketed for. So he showed his IC and said, "My dad is also a policeman."

He later showed me his IC. His address still showed Berek Polis of a small town in east coast state. The officer who was to ticket him showed his displeasure, saying, "Kalau macam ni, susah la."

But obviously they would not ticket their own kinds.

I guess there is an unwritten policy somewhere.

Not for this LAPD Sergeant.

He carried himself in a commendable manner. Can you imagine what would happen if Malaysia policeman was the officer. Make it simple: what would you do, if you were the officer.

Come on, be honest!

What if you are on the other side? Would you be using a cable? Have you ever used a cable in any your dealings? Not even once?


I love Judge Judy. Had been a fan since 1998 and would always watch her on telly in Houston then. YOu would learn a lot about human behaviour from the many court cases she had to handle.

She is totally against lending money to relatives. Had seen to many cases of family breaking up over a few bucks.

The other thing - If it does not make sense, it is probably not true.

She is a truth machine. She is able to extract the truth from even the most hardcore liars.

That's Judge Judy.

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