Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A friend with the same initial

We share the same initials and it posed a dilemma for our section and department when writing memo and file memoranda as we need to identify the author by our initial iin such documents. So we had to add a subscript to our initials - him with a 'u' as his surname is Hussein, while mine with an 'a' for Hariri.

That was the scene from our previous lives; from the late 80s in a small remote fishing village of Kerteh. Process Engineering section in this small refinery was always a hive of activities, especially early in the morning as we prepare ouselves to go to plant and get info and data on all the activities of crude oil refining.

This was the time when we laughed at Malay term of the pe-nyah-garaman instead of the more sophisticated terminology of de-salt-er, and there was only a single IBM PC in the section, when Symphony was a popular spreadsheet program, and has nothing to do with music or an orchestra; we wrote our memo either by type-writer or Word Perfect, the only operating system is DOS and we used the 5 1/4 in floppy disc, and wrote our exchanger program in Basic.

Those were the days when we work in the same department and live in 'Dungeon'. Never would I expect to see him (other than on FB) at my office 27 years later, when he has just retired, while I am hoping I can join Tn Hj Abdul Rahman Hussein soon.

If I can get someone else on my side of the table, that is.

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