Monday, May 26, 2014

Oh my Golf!

Flight 17B - Novice flight except for one. No, not me.
I never thought I would be taking up golf, especially at this age.

Years ago when I was a student at Monash, during one of my not-that-many socializing events with many Australian coursemates, I told them that I can't see why anyone would take up golf since it is basically a hit-and-walk sport; if you can call it a sport. (They were watching golf over some beers and BBQ, while I was having milk and bread, and perhaps some snacks - really I did!)

I mean, it is one thing to be watching cricket for 5 continuous days, but watching golf would take it to another level. 

I can't, and I did not appreciate golf. Ever! I might as well watch grass grows.

Or so I thought.

So a year ago, when someone told me to take up golfing, I reluctantly agree. I bought a set for a couple of thousands ringgit - the cheapest I can find, and my uncle donated a used set to complement what I bought. The two sets would allow Arif and/or Akmal to take up golfing too. Hey, if I am going to get tortured, might as well they got tortured too, right? At least they are in good company!

But unlike cricket, which I took it to my liking the very moment I hit a couple of balls in front of my house at Clayton North in Melbourne - may be like duck to water, golf is really a hard sell for me. It is hard to imagine why anyone would go ga-ga over hitting the golf ball, which may strayed into the pond, or the forest, and started spending your precious time looking for it.
The team before the game
It is such a waste of time that I am better of spending it, say, for my forty winks!

Then, there is the weather. I mean Malaysia is a tropic country and by 8 am, the sun can really be harsh. And even if you could go as early as possible, I don't think I could finish a game while it is still cool. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete a game and by then, the sun would have been at its harshest condition.

I am no Puteri Lilin, but I prefer to be in the shade by then.

If only we are in a cold climate country.

So it was a wonder that I'd go in at 8 am and finished 18 holes by 2 pm, and honestly, I was willing to have another go at 9 holes. No complain about the sun or of being tired.

Of course it helps that we were playing at Bukittinggi. The weather was just perfect! Cool with just a slight wind. Beautiful weather, I must say and I would not mind being here all day. Beautiful natural course - cooling streams snaking all over the greens, and of course, not forgetting, the real forest!
Oh my Golf! (OMG), the story of my golfing. One of the easier bunker, I must say.
How did I fare?

Very well, I must admit. For one who is not that comfortable with a crowd, I did very well. I really enjoy the company I was in. My flight was a bunch of misfit actually (yours truly especially), who should not be on a golf course, of course, but hey we completed our game. Three of the four in the flight occupied the bottom three placings, but really, who is counting?  I had enjoyed the weather, the exercise and had a great time - no money can buy that

Well, I paid RM300.00 for that. LOL.
Too small a print for you? Good!

Just fof the record, the tournament is with the oil and gas fraternity.

Years ago I was 'dipaksa-rela' sponsor for a golf tournament. Then I thought eagle was a bird, boogie is something from the disco era, so even though I was a sponsor, I did not turn up at the event at all. Now that's a true oil baron tournament, and I should have gone to rub shoulder with them, but I knew then I should not be there as I would be lost. Totally lost in their conversation.

In hindsight, now I know I should have gone. Missed opportunity.

This game reminds me of an incident in late 80s with my peers in Kerteh. The manager walked in into our room, while we were having small dscussions, and immediately asked me, without acknowledging others - about certain issues pertaining to plant problem. I explained the problem vis-a-vis process engineering. After he left, my peers commented that since the manager did not even acknowledge them and imediately asked for me, they thought I was the manager's blue-eyed boys.

I was bewildered by that remark, though coming from them, it did not bother me - we were good friends. I think they said it more in jest than anything else. So I told them, "How could I be a blue-eyed boy? I did not play golf with him (nor was I playing golf at all). I don't socialize with him either."

But I remember my remark about golf very well then. Golf is a social event for many, unlike say a game of badminton! Especially in Malaysia right now.

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