Monday, June 9, 2014

Tak ada Harumanis, Chokanan pun jadilah

I tried to get some saplings for me to plant in KL, but it was too late to go and find nursery that afternoon.

With the price of Harumanis fruits going up through the roof, the saplings are also expensive nowadays, according to Doc Farizul. IT is only natural, I guess. Next trip, I told him. I must get several for me to bring home and I am sure Harumanis would prosper in hot Kuala LUmpur.

If you think Perlis is hot, KL is even hotter. It is unnatural heat to be honest. Heat from car and air-conditioned buildings. I am sure we have more of those things than Peghelih. If Doc Farizul is correct about the heat making Harumanis prosperous in Peghelih, iit should even be better in KL.
May be in a week or so, if by the grace of Allah, that these are my rezeki,
I would be able to taste my Chokanan. It is reasonably sized fruit
at this stage and it is squatting level to be honest. I'd to trim
the tree to be as similar height to same height as the Harumanis in Perlis
Anyway, I am please to show you my Chokanan in front of my house. It is fruiting. For the second time, I must tell you. So far it has survived itchy hands. No one has touched it and most of the fruits are still hanging on the trees.

Should I wrap it?
What do you think?

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