Friday, June 6, 2014

Visit me again this Ramadhan, Mak


I wrote this in July last year. Specifically last Ramadhan. For some reasons, I did not get to publish and tonight while going through my blog, I realized that I should get this entry in, quickly before it lost its meaning.

And hope that I will see her again.

This Ramadhan, assuming I get to see and experience Ramadhan again, that is.

Here goes.

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I was awaken immediately after. I felt refreshed. Really refreshed.

It was such a good feeling in the aftermath, so much so I was wide awake afterward, even though the clock says 4.15 am. It was a tad too early to get ready for sahur, so I went to take my ablution.

I had to recite the Quran for her.

In the dream, we were at this wonderful hotel 60 km away from Houston. From the balcony of the hotel, we could see swaying coconut trees and sandy beaches more suited for Hawaii or tropical country than Houston. But I was conscious that we are 60 km from Houston; I said so to someone in my dream.

Mak did not say anything. Not to me, not to anybody. But it was clearly her; her sister MC Kam was around too.

In my subconscious, I was not aware that mak is no longer with us. It was like she was with us - well and alive. It was so normal but it felt like we were on vacation.

So I went down, and started reciting the Quran for her (and bapak). I was really at peace at the wee hours of that morning. It was serene.

Half an hour later, Arif came trotting down. Upon seeing me on the sofa, he immediately announced that he dreamt of Nenek. Nenek according to him was lying on the sofa in our living room. Apparently she had fever. Simple fever, according to him.

I told my sister that may be Mak did come to visit us for the two of us to see her in our dreams. On the same night, at nearly the same time. Who knows; it could be precisely the same time.

After all, it is Ramadan.

Friday 0500 hours
19 July 2013

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