Friday, December 12, 2014

Who lets the cat out of the bag?

I have had an unspectacular career generally. 

Nothing much to shout about. I have done my part, efficiently I presume (and hope). It had taken me to various countries to work - and the family had enjoyed those stints, but beyond that I don't have patents, nor have I published a significant number of papers.

No complaints though. No regrets. It is what it is; I am what I am. Could have done this; could have done that. Yeah, sure.

So when two publications came-a-calling, I was surprised. Why would anyone want to know my opinions on issues pertaining to the industry, or for that matter whether my opinion matters. I am too miniscule, or too unknown except to a close circle of companies and people. I don't indulge on high level issues.

Especially on policy matters.

I don't really care, and to be honest, I don't really have an opinion. Many are beyond me. I am struggling with bread-and-butter issues for the company that I have little time - or interest - to dabble on this high level stuff.

But the fact that two publications have been making appointments for interview puzzles me to say the least. 

Who lets the cat out of the bag?

I prefer to be anonymous. Not that I am complaining though. Thank you very much for nominating us; thank you for trusting me. Whoever you are.

Anyway, today Friday 11th, The Oil and Gas Year journal dropped by to have the session with me at the office. Their publication is out of Dubai and they do yearly analysis and market research and interview personalities for each major oil and gas country, including Malaysia.

I hope they are right; I hope I can start reaching out regionally.

The interviewing team from Dubai and they have been in the country since September

The interview covers the prospect for for 2015 for both the company's perspective, and the prospect of 2015 in general. Kuala Lumpur as hub for oil and gas in Asia Pacific is always a favourite question.

Fortunately they did not ask me whether oil price is going up in 2015 or why RON 95 and diesel  have little price disparity at the local pumps, or why until today we are still using Euro 2 diesel {sigh}, or any political questions!

But here are some of the questions that they posed. To be honest, this is soalan bocor and I have prepared myself the night before with some facts and figures.

I am sure many can answer some of these questions better than myself!

I do hope I have given them something quotable, and that I did not make a fool out of myself.
The Oil and Gas Year 2015 will be published in March 2015, and it would be interesting to get myself in here with other major players in Malaysia. I feel small though.

Earlier in  late October, The Oil and Gas Financial Journal dropped by for a session. Hey, I am an engineer. I don't do finance. They must have gotten the wrong person to interview. Huh!

The team from Oil and Gas Financial Jorunal
It would be interesting if all of the sudden, I got featured in two journals in the same year. It would be a coup. But really, I will be pleased with one. I'd take one anytime.

It would be an icing on cake for 2014.

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