Saturday, December 20, 2014

Your money ain't yours until you spend it?

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You know I left office early yesterday - just before Friday prayer.

Prayed at KLCC mosque and then had a quick meeting with my partner. Nothing much to tell of the meeting itself, but his parting remark - pun was unintentional - was that the-money-is-not-mine-until-I-spend-it left an indelible mark on me. I raised my eyebrows and paused for a few moments. I had to mull over that statement. It sounds like an oxymoron to me, but it struck a chord nonetheless. It went against every grain of my soul and philosophy, but somehow he sounded right.

It messed up my mind.

I am someone who would diligently  save money. I am not a spender - not even a small one, unlike the late Sudirman (The Big Spender - May Allah bless his soul). I am someone who loves to see money grows in my bank account. It is ok to be sleeping on the floor and not having a dining table, but it is not ok not to have money in the bank.

Those things were of course true in my earlier life - now, I sleep on a bed with a mattress and dine on a dining table. Which did not say much in any case.

And it is not like my bank accounts have swelled today, or that I have a Swiss bank account nor do I have offshore bank accounts.

But how would spending my money makes them mine?

Unthinkable philosophy to my mind. This is simply not me.

But since Haji Nazari is someone I looked up to, so I decided to head to the Ferrari showroom. If he says so, he must be correct. So I should be spending money to make them mine. And might as well I buy the prancing horse model. 

F12berlinetta may be? F458 Spider?

Browsing around at the models on display, I noticed that F458 Italia comes at a price of RM2.

RM 2? I am sorry, I missed out the M, which stands for Many Many Multiple zeroes.

I slowly took out my wallet. Of course my wallet was always bulging - with receipts. You will always see that if you look at my pant's pocket. With hope, I started counting all of my one ringgit bills in the wallet. Alamak, I did not have RM2 M. I do have RM2 for sure. I am may be a few ringgit off the asking price. Probably I would tell you that the difference is a lot, if I was being interrogated by Malaysian Police.

Tip-toeing out of the showroom, I headed to to another showroom.

So I decided to buy this instead. This would not cost me RM2 M. It was so much cheaper. Four-fold cheaper. Surely I can afford his one?

How do you like my car?
With this spending, I am ensuring that the money I did not have is now mine. All of the half million ringgit.

My bank account has swelled.

No wonder I am rich!


PS Haha, gotcha! This is a friend's car who was kind enough to let me drive yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much ;) I am putting this in fine print, so that you would not read this and would think that this entry is a bragging entry. Hahaha.


It reminds me of a saying that says that what we have are not ours. Only those that we have given away in alms and for His path are ours. I guess this is correct if we consider looking at it from the context of hereafter, and I could not agree more. Whatever money you have in the bank will go to our next of kins when we pass away. They will not be ours and we will not have any benefit of it.

Only those we have sadaqah will be considered as our deeds for the hereafter.

This is not a real entry to be honest. A first attempt at satirical entry. I made up the story to test friends and relatives and see their reactions to me driving expensive car. Apparently from their silence, save for a few closest friends, I know they could not comprehend that this poor guy could afford such a luxury.

And they are certainly right!


  1. What is money if you did not spend it. Enjoy it the way you like it. When you spend the money in plough back into the economy. The multiplier process would help the economy to move; a healthy growth for the country.

  2. Yes, Pak Idrus. i should have quoted you in my entry and I will always attribute that statement - what is money if you did not spend it it - to you. Love it that you are enjoying life. But it is tough Pak Idrus to change the mindset.

    Slowly I may change, bit by bit, little by little. :)