Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Mat Disko of 1979

It is that time of the year again.

I am running out of idea of writing something new about him, as I have been writing about him yearly now. While everybody thinks highly of him - absence makes the heart grows fonder, that may not be necessarily the case then.

In 1979 he released an album called Perasaan. After the success of Aku Penghiburmu album, it was a hard act to follow. Of course by then Ahmad Nawab has left for WEA, and EMI was at lost as to who could replace him.

So it was left to one Ooi Eow Jin to produce the album for Sudir. While he did come out with a beautiful piece Gerimis di Lautan, the album may not be up to the previous standard. But for diehards like me, it didn't not matter. The album was touted to the last album, as by then he had graduated with a law degree, and might pursue a career in law instead.

So by hook or crook, we will all like this album.

Yes, Senja berulang senja by AR Ismail is a beautiful melancholic piece. Mat Disko was a funny piece, I guess in a way vying for the coveted spot against Travolta. Hah, how about Toyol? It is another funny piece albeit being a copy-righted song.

I remember having a poster piece of the album cover on my file. A classmate then by the name Jamil saw it and dismissed it by saying that the album should be called Perasan!


I guess by 1980, he would have eaten his words as Sudir came up with two masterpiece albums, and I am sure by then he was into everything Sudirman.

Well Sudirman, rest in peace. Alfatihah.

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