Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Sherrie

But I guess men don't live on bread alone, and hence songs like Don't pay the ferryman won't last that long and can't compete with the love songs that dotted our music scene and our lives.

Like Steve Perry and Sherrie!

I love his voice, strong and powerful, and he would sing it effortlessly.

And I thought Sherrie is classy too. :-)


Another blast from the 80s.

To be honest, the 80s is perhaps one of the most amazing time musically. I thought perhaps it was the best of time. My awake time was spent studying with a small radio on my side in my house in Clayton North, a suburb of Melbourne, just next to Monash Uni and I would tape all the nice - make that great - songs that I still keep until today. I believe I may have over 30 60-minute tapes from those days.

Those were the days...

But I guess with YouTube, one need not have done that. We get to enjoy it with its original music video.

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