Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perhimpunan 100,000

The last in the series, not that I wish to prolong the issue, especially since they are planning for the 100K demo.

To showcase, how wonderful our education system is since the reversion to Bahasa fully in 1970, I present to you Siti Nurhaliza; I guess a former heart throb of the Malay speaking Malaysians, male especially.

Nak kato apo lagi? The product of our education system, that's for sure. Sampai cakap omputih pun tak berterabur...Hehehe.

Choker choker - mender tuh?

(But I give her full mark for trying (and making a fool of herself!))

And as pointed our by our proffessorial comentator, I would like to present ZAM, our beloved former information Minister. He is an old generation educated in Malay, may be old enough to be Siti's grandad.

Pardon? Pardon? I can't hear you. Hehehe..

But I guess the results are the same despite the generation gap.
The common denominator?

You decide.


  1. budakjawidinewcastleMarch 5, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    That's cruel!! Why you opt to put this? You can always put Zam's interview by Al-Jazeera to strengthen your point. It is in the same magnitude if not worse, considering he is (or was, I don't know) a minister and she is an artist. What can you expect from the artist anyway (except a few with sound education background).

  2. Zam is an old generation of Malays educated in the Malay medium. Siti is a new generation of Malays educated in the Malay medium. Both are good cases for study actually.

  3. Ok. Never know Zam was educated in Malay medium. BTW, I will bathing in the sun next week, 30 C. Have you ever heard a song called Copacobana?

  4. I think ZAM sekolah melayu dulu, tuh yang jadi editor utusan, or something along that line.

    Copacobana? We lived and breathed Copacobana in the 70s dulu. Well, may be I am exaggerating, but I adore Manilow and his songs, and funnily enough do does my eldest. I think in Auckland, in one of the mall, they want to play his songs to keep the kids away...hahaha.

    Kenapa dengan Copacobana? You are heading to Brazil for your research?

  5. What is the correlation between Manilow's song and keep the kids away from mall?

    Believe it or not, that exactly where I am heading next week, Copacabana itself. I can't believed it myself!!!
    That's why I started youtube(d) Manilow's song, to get the feeling..haha

  6. Well, they reckon kids nowadays can't stand Manilow and his song and would not want to be associated with anything related to him. The mayor was quoted as saying that those songs are weapon of mass destruction, though he later denied saying that.

    Wow, Brazil and Copacobana! only in my dream I guess. But what on earth would you be doing there? I am sure whatever you can find on the beach there would not help you with your research.

    On the other hand, may be you could. hahahaha.

    I envy you prof.

  7. There is one more song, Girl from Ipanema. Its a classic and quite famous here. I'll bet you know this one too, as the song only goes with guitar. They even write the notes on shirt.
    As I am working with "fruits", I think this visit plays an important role in my future works. Enough said.

  8. Girl from Ipanema? A movie, methinks, and a song. I am not that familiar, though I may have heard it.

    Kalau kat Mesia, it is called Gadis dari Apanama. Hahaha. DR M loves saying apanama whenever he speaks on a topic.

    Anyway, I guess u r in Brazil already, judging from the LIve traffic feed I am getting.

    Fruits eh? Kalau ada yang exotic yang boleh ditanam kat sini, bawak lah balik!