Monday, March 9, 2009

The right to an opinion

I am appalled to read that my fellow citizens were bombarded with water cannons and tear gas last saturday (and I have to say that I have been there before).

While I differ in my opinion on the PPSMI, I thought it was within their right to protest the policy peacefully.

What do you think they would do if they were to march to Istana? I don't see the opposition parties' flags at all, so it didn't look like one organized by the PR. Why should our students, teachers and many others from all walk of life - just 8,000 of them - should be be subjected to police brutality.

Anyway, another view of the issue by The Ancient Mariner. You can read them here.

I also thought it would be 100,000 of them, but only a mere 8K attended. Honestly I believe it is a reflection of the support or rather the non-support of the Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI. Now I am praying hard the government would not flip-flop again, though the indication from Hishamuddin is that the policy will be changed back to Malay ("Whatever the policy, we can only implement it in January next year.")

Aah, well. That statement is hinting that there will be a change!

Oh BTW, Harakah Daily reported an attendence of 100,000. Amboi. Utusan 5,000, and Malaysiakini 8,000 which is the number I am quoting above.

""Target dan hasrat kita hari tercapai dengan terkumpulnya lebih 100,000 rakyat dan serahan memo juga berjaya disampaikan," katanya ketika dhubungi Harakahdaily kira-kira jam 5.00 petang tadi." (taken from Harakah daily).

From Albanjari Online, " Monday, March 9, 2009
Himpunan 100 ribu PPSMI di ibu negara. Ada siapa yang boleh kira ? Sapa pun tak mau pi kira..kalau ada yang rajin dok kira tu..bangang namanya ! Anggaran tu boleh laa..agak-agak. Tapi kalau anggaran macam kat bawah ni(*)..tu dah melampau ! Agak-agak la..jangan sampai nanti puak Umno kata, hangpa pun sama..banyak kelentong !

Utusan Malaysia : 5,000 orang
Malaysiakini : 8,000 orang
Al-Banjari Online : 15,000 orang(*) 
Harakahdaily : 150,000 orang ! 

Hoi..jauh sangat beza tu !

Harakah dah cuba untuk mengatasi Utusan dalam bab kelentong ke?

And Haji Hadi, please lah. Enough of meng-celaka-kan orang yang tidak bersetuju with GMP PPSMI. That's no the right thing to do for someone who is holding the title of the President of PAS. Can't we not agree to disagree on this matter at all? What is so un-islamic about English? Is this a halal haram issue?

Sudah kehabisan ke ide anda untuk berhujah secara ilmiah dan sebagai seorang intelek?

Please read it here.

"Presiden PAS, Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang menggelarkan mereka yang masih mahu meneruskan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) sebagai golongan celaka."

Oh dear!

But I may agree with him here, if it is true.

"Beliau turut menyelar tindakan merendahkan peratus kelulusan pelajar semata-mata kerana mahu mempertahankan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI). Tindakan tersebut kata beliau merupakan satu perbuatan yang dianggap sebagai menipu bangsa sendiri. "


  1. It is a shame for me as Malaysian to see this in UK media. For me, this is one unnecessary rally, and executed just to gain a mass popularity other than benefiting the Malaysians.
    And I agree with you about the need to stop to call other people celaka. That is why PAS is not anywhere near what we want them to be, despite all the problems in BN.

  2. I think nowadays everybody wants their voice to be heard, and I guess there is no better way to be heard that a street demo. [sigh]

    Yes, agree with you on PAS. I think this statement stood out in the same way his statement on Kit Siang [ubat yang dah tamat tempoh] on the eve of GE 2004.