Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are we tempting fate?

Our politicians and newspapers were going gaga of the performance of the Malaysian team during the match against Man United.

I thought it was only a friendly and that it was the results of non-performance of on the MU team, rather than the performance of the Malaysian team. Obviously van der Saar was still napping when Amri lobbed the ball - though it was a wonderful lob in any case. What are we expecting from them since many had just returned from lazing around in the Caribbean? 

They are probably treating the game as a beach soccer anyway.

Are we trying to tempt fate by having the second game?

Hahaha, I think we are. It is no laughing matter though. For some reasons I think we are in for a mauling ala 2001. Yes, wipe out that smile FAM, for this is not even a swallow for us to call it summer.

Oh boy [sigh].

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