Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Khabar Kematian II - The Ancient Mariner

I have not met him personally, but I must add that I do feel sad with his demise. And shocked too. (He passed away ~5 days after his mother's demise.)

I have frequented his blog  The Ancient Mariner quite a bit the past years. For some reasons, I have not visited his blog  for more than a month recently, but surfing today I found out about his death 2 days late.

I have commented a couple of times in his blog and he had responded to my comments. Nothing much and nothing out of the ordinary, I guess but he was always pleasant. He thought that I was related to another Hariri he knew, but we weren't.

And I must say that that I would seldom comment on someone else's blog. I prefer to lurk and then disappear of course after reading. But his was different.

I have always looked forward to his posting. Light hearted even on the most serious topics but well presented thought I must admit. I admire his sense of idealism especially at this age. He abhors corruptions, something I can relate to myself. A man with great conviction right till the very end.

Well captain, rest in peace. You have done your part for a better Malaysia.

Moga dirahmati Allah.

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