Thursday, July 9, 2009

A step backward

Honestly, I cringe when I saw the headlines yesterday. And today too.

And how glad I am that Akmal would be finishing school by then, for honestly I think it is a step backward for the country.

A real step backward. No, make that a million steps backward.

I am glad that Akmal is the youngest and he would soon be done with school. And no more after him. But I pity their kids, and your kids, for what they would have to endure in the future and for such a big decision to be decided by those so-called nationalists who could only see from a very narrow and myopic point of view.

Just because of seko nyamuk, habis rumah dibakar. Nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

Can we not just persevere with what-ever decision that we make, and not make a political decision?

Would our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren be cursing at our graves 50 years from now? Do we start sending our kids to international school, or to overseas? Can I afford it? Most likely not.

But by then, Malay would be an international language and I guess a good part of the world would be speaking Malay. It would have been a great decision then.

Great decision, my foot!

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  1. AbangMan....

    Don't get us wrong.....

    We are not fighting the language!

    We are not the enemy of the language!

    But we want to learn the language the proper way! I repeat....the proper way!

    Increase more credit hours for English subject in school example previously only 1 hour per day but in future make 2 hours per day.

    Create an additional subject such as English Literature at least an hour a day!

    Don't have enough teacher? We got money what? Just import from India and I am very sure even England would love to participate by supplying their good English teacher to us.

    I've met one mat saleh girl somewhere in Pulau pangkor few years ago. Very sexy one...hehehehe
    She told me that she work here in Malaysia as an English teacher for Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(but I can't remember which MRSM in particular).

    This is sad....the govt only interested in implementing the world class of education through MRSM and such....but for ordinary school and ordinary people like me the govt just give the unplanned,rushing,no-need-research,kelamkabut style of learning methods.

    Why don't govt just do the same to every school in Malaysia since the MRSM guys so far are sooooo gooood in English....we've already seen the results right?

    For that reason you can't simply blame me for my lousy English......hehehehehe..

    Again...the proper way...please!

    my 2 cents,
    Mohd Fadhil Hariri