Saturday, August 8, 2009

Antara Kita Berbeza

I have more to say about ISA and the reporting by both BN and PR newspapers, but let's talk about something lighter.

I think we have many singers that I would consider to have a merdu voice. Rafeah Buang, Kartina Dahari are examples I would consider having a suara buluh perindu. And they have the songs to prove it.

(While I am not fan of Che Siti kita, I would say she has a borderline kemerduan, but she did not have killer songs that had withstood the test of time so I would not put her in that category. And I am writing in past tense to show that she is just that!)

If you listen to Rafeah and Kartina's songs, you would know what I mean. Memang merdu giler.

Another singer is Yusni Hamid. She is not that well known, or as popular, but her voice is heavenly gift. Listening to her would melt even the hardest rock, so to speak.

I 'discovered' her in the late 80's/early 90s while I was living in Dungun. I was taken by this song Antara Kita Berbeza, Her voice is so smooth and flawless.

Yang ku petik hanyalah
kata-kata segar dari bibirmu
Lalu kusimpan dalam kotak hati
Hingga berputik
Mana kerinduan yang kudus

Ah, heavenly.

I had nearly forgotten this song until she released her compilation recently and it didn't include this song. All the sudden I am playing this song every 10 mins!

So here she is:


  1. been looking for her compilation to get this and her 'bunga semarak' song, but to no avail :'(

  2. Hi Dan, thanks for dropping by. Yes, you are certainly right. I have made it known to Datuk Yusni, but she was not aware of it, and thought that the two songs were included (when they weren't). But I am not sure if she can or will do anything with it though.