Saturday, August 29, 2009

Raya Reunion - SRJK(I) Lenggong

I certainly hope that I am not making the announcement prematurely. Mainly in the sense that we only have a couple of weeks left to make this reunion a reality, but the organizer Bro Jie is confident that it can be done, so I would like to share his enthusiasm and hence I did the trailer to commemorate the occasion. I had thought that it will tough to arrange for a gathering with this short of a notice and do a good job, but...I would like to be proven wrong and I have been proven wrong many times before.

The trailer was done today while we were getting ready for bukak puasa. Of course without his kids' input, he would have been able to do it. The background music is from the late 60s and I hope that the sound of the wind reflects the (reunion) mood reasonably well. If anyone can name the song, I will 'tabik' at you. I met the singer a couple of years ago and I told her that I remember this very well when I was a kid.

I am quite sure you will not find it anywhere, not even Klasik Nasional (I had never heard them play this song). The song is in the form of a vinyl and hence you can still hear the static noise.

What do you think? I hope this is tease enough for you!

Date: 23 September 2009
Time: 8 pm
Location: Dewan Merdeka, Lenggong
Contact: Khairul aka Jie @ 017-507 2168

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