Friday, November 20, 2009

Kenang Daku Dalam Doamu

Which version is for you?

I always think that the original is better, hence I would go for M Bakri's version. But SM Salim and Sharifah Aini's versions are not too bad. In fact I would put them a close second.

But there is caveat to my judgment there. The close second is the original SM Salim's version in his album in the 70s as produced by Johari Salleh - not the karaoke version. That's a much better version than the one I found in Youtube. This one in the karaoke version certainly sounds like an el cheapo music to me.

But the originals are heavenly. What else can I say on this keroncong classic? I love the 'rolling' guitar, which is a trademark in keroncong songs.

I would just normally close my eyes and be immersed into this wonderful song. In other words, one would cease to exist as a person.

What do I mean by that?

You listen to it, and you would be one too. With the yearning and the longing!

Yeah, kenang daku dalam doamu.

This is MBakri.

And here is Sharifah Aini. Interestingly this is one piece with a twist - not the dancing genre type ok!, but this piece is laden with asli flavour that change into keroncong during chorus. I prefer the keroncong to be honest, but it makes this version different.

SM Salim - not his best version to be honest.
The instrumental version by Hamzah Dolmat

Although I would not rate this version too highly, I know this song is one of the most covered Malay song.
I think she tried too much to sound like a genuine keroncong singer, but failed miserably.

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