Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bagaikan mutiara

The clip was taken in 2006, but we didn't do anything with it until today.

The song, a favourite from 1980 when I was in Form 5. But it didn't click to me then of the 'pearly' wisdom of Sudirman (and of course the writer, his buddy Syed Haron) until I sat in front of this small pond during a rainy evening and all of the sudden, it all came to me 26 years later.

Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara
berkilau bersinar bekerdipan

How could I have doubt Sudirman and Syed Haron, though not in public as this song was too beautiful to be questioned? Memang bagaikan mutiara.

Video taken by Arif during one rainy day in 2006 and put together by Arif today.

And to commemorate the rainy season, here is a tribute to this glorious heavenly gift.

The rain. Aah, bagaikan mutiara!

Enjoy the show!

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