Friday, November 27, 2009

Two Nations in Distress

Just to commemorate the holy day of Eid, I would like to further reflect on the social environment that we are in this very moment. Based on my two-day observations while on a trip to Jakarta, our neighbour down south just the day before Eid.

First Case:
A family of four, including their teenage son, was caught 'stealing' a gunny of cotton (kekabu) from a plantation. They were remanded for 45 days in prison.

How much is that sack of unprocessed cotton? Rp6,000 or approximately RM2.50.

Second Case:
A guy was caught stealing slipper. He was bashed by the public and blood was all over his face when brought over to the police station. He pleaded to the police, in front of the news camera for leniency and told them that he didn't have any money to buy food.

While being questioned by the police he attempted to run away by climbing the roof and after being cornered, he jumped and broke his leg.

All in the name of a pair of slipper and for him to have a meal for the day.

How much is a pair of slipper? Rp6,000! Or less, I must add.

Third Case:
A grandma was tried and convicted for stealing 3 'cocoa' bean pods worth Rp1,500, or around RM0.50. She is sentenced to 45 days in prison.

Click on the pic above to read the case.

How much money have the working elite been stealing from the country's coffers in the last 50 years and why should small people like them be subjected to this stringent law while the 'jaws'
got away scot free?

Remember the guy who stole RM22 M from Bank Negara 20 years ago? How long was he imprisoned? Honestly I thought it was well worth it for him; for twenty years on, I have not amassed anything closer to one million ringgit, let alone 22 millions!

I am sure he would have done his time by now.

Now this is a Malaysian case that I read today in the newspaper.


A grandma (66 year old) was killed when she was injured during a snatch theft.

What was inside her bag? A telekung and her ID.

Two nations of culturally similar people. Two nations in distress.

What more can I say.

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